Seeing the odd wolf!

July 2, 2016 (5)

This year we have been lucky enough to have seen the very odd wolf. Our most memorable sighting was in early July: This wolf slowly sauntered down the beach, sat down and stared at us intently for a few moments, then got up and wandered on down the beach. Magical!

June 6, 2016 (2)

Off to a good start!

Canada 2016 (47)


We have thoroughly enjoyed our first few trips of the season. We have seen Gray whales on all but one of six trips and bears three times which is encouraging for this time of year.  The whales that we have seen have been feeding, in areas that are on our regular route, which is especially welcome news considering there have been very few whales in our area over the last two years.  

02 - Gray Whales (7)

And so the 2016 Season Begins….



Good news! We are now open for the 2016 season. We are looking forward to another year of adventures and hope to see some of you aboard our boat this year.

Luxury Travel Guide Award

We’re very excited to have been shortlisted for this award!


Almost ready for the season



The Raincoast Maiden is close to “ready for action”.  Yearly haul out, inspections, repairs and (most) mechanical work is now behind us and we’re on to the more fun jobs.  A time when every inch of the boat is obsessively waxed, polished, oiled or painted.

End of Season

1 (26)


The calm after the “storm” of the season…   We are now closed until May 2016!  Thanks to all who supported us – we really do appreciate it!

Tying the Knot



We had the pleasure of hosting Marilyn and John’s wedding aboard the Raincoast Maiden today. The ceremony took place while anchored in a sheltered cove in the Broken Group Islands, followed by champagne and a fabulous spread of canapes catered by Norwoods Restaurant.



Still Cruisin…

DSC_0238At this time of year any day like this is a bonus!

New Beginnings


I love the way each year is a time for new
Late June (19)beginnings.    


A Rare Visitor

DSC_0152bSeeing this lonesome Brown Pelican, was definitely one of this week’s more unusual sightings. Barkley Sound is near the northern end of their range, so we see them very seldom.