Now open for the 2017 season!


Our 2017 season has officially begun!  We have run a few cruises this past week and as always, it feels great to be out on the water again.



Willkommen Fernweh – A day aboard the Raincoast Maiden

For a review and photos of a day out on the water with us, read this blog written by Kerstin & Klaus, who took our Broken Group Islands Wildlife Cruise in July 2016: Willkommen Fernweh


Seals are hard not to love!

Seals are very much of a presence on our trips as we go to several haul outs. I often feel they are underrated, except by children who LOVE them, especially their big, soulful eyes.

Last Evening Wildlife Cruise of the year

Last Wednesday we ran our last Evening Wildlife Cruise of the season. Since the days are getting short there is not enough light to run a cruise at that time of day.  Our Broken Group Islands Wildlife Cruise is still going out daily.

Sea Otters in Barkley Sound

The good news is that over recent years we are seeing sea otters increasingly often.  This inquisitive sea otter was enjoying a mid morning snack!


We don’t see Orcas very often but when we do, it is often thrilling – as it was this last Tuesday

Barkley Sound – rugged and beautiful

Barkley Sound, the beautiful area our tours cruise through ….. rugged and always beautiful, rain or shine!


Unusual sightings


Some of our more unusual recent sightings: a Tufted Puffin and an ocean sunfish (Mola mola) which we see only on rare occasions and only when water temperatures are higher than “normal”.

Leaving home…

At this time of year the Bald Eagles chicks leave the nest to take their first flight. On a recent, windy day this fledgling appeared to be having a bit of a “bad hair” day …

Momma and her cubs


Yesterday’s Broken Group Islands Wildlife Cruise started with a lovely close up sigting of this momma Black Bear with her two playful cubs .