2024 Season is Off to a Good Start

We’ve been open since early May, thrilled to back on the water, cruising through the breathtaking scenery of the Broken Group Islands. Wildlife sightings have been good, we’ve enjoyed meeting guests from all over the world and we hope that you will join us too!

What we’ve been up to lately?

large boat in parking lot front view of motor yacht









In case anyone is wondering where we have been … We have been painting, oiling, waxing, polishing, and just generally pampering the Raincoast Maiden. This week we finally made the trip up the West coast, back to beautiful Barkley Sound. We are now in Ucluelet and will start running tours within the next few days (May 5th)

Main painting boat Woman working on side of boatHelm area of boat, looking forward and out to seeview of sunset and island

There’s still time…. to join us in 2023!

We’re open until mid October, so there is still time… to join us on our Broken Group Islands Wildlife Tour in 2023.

Thanks to Dale & Cherie for allowing us to post a picture of them celebrating Dale’s birthday aboard the “Raincoast Maiden” – it is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with a delicious gourmet lunch, prepared by the Heartwood Kitchen Restaurant in Ucluelet an served to you  in the beautiful setting of the Broken Group Islands, part of  Pacific Rim National Park reserve.

Dining with Hummingbirds

Care to dine with hummingbirds? Join us on our Broken Group Islands Wildlife Cruise!

Recently we have enjoyed daily visits by Rufous Hummingbirds while anchored in the beautiful setting of the Broken Group Islands for a delicious gourmet lunch, prepared by Heartwood Kitchen restaurant in Ucluelet.

Thanks @laerke_juul for the image.

Rufous Hummingbird

Happy to be Back!

We are now open for the 2023 Season! Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for a day of wildlife viewing and breathtaking scenery. Our award winning tours follow a scenic route through the sheltered waters of the Broken Group Islands where you’ll be served you a delicious gourmet lunch while anchored in a sheltered cove, meal prepared by Heartwood Kitchen Restaurant in Ucluelet.


Colony of Steller sea lions crowded together on rock with huge males sitting up


Lunch Aboard the Raincoast Maiden

It’s not too late to join us for a delicious gourmet lunch (prepared by Heartwood Kitchen in Ucluelet) aboard the Raincoast Maiden while anchored in an idyllic location.

We’re open until October 3rd, so join us on our Broken Group Islands Wildlife Cruise to see wildlife, spectacular scenery and enjoy a fabulous meal. It is an experience unlike any other!

Otterly Adorable

It is such a treat to see sea otters on a daily basis. We see single otters as well as mothers with pups, and Grampa Otto is always a highlight. Unfortunately he is often “on vacation” for a few days, but more often than not he is entertaining his beloved human guests!

Sea otter lying on his back and wrapped up in kelp leaves

Range of the Brown Pelican

Barkley Sound lies at the northern end of the range of Brown Pelicans, so once in a while we’re lucky enough to see them. It is always a treat when we do!

Several brown pelicans swimming close together in the ocean

Bear Sightings in 2022

Large black bear on shore, looking at viiewer

Bear sightings have been more reliable than usual this year. So far we have been lucky enough to see bear(s) every day in July.
This incredible image was taken by one of our guests, Frank Dahmen. It was his third tour with us and we take that as a compliment 🙂 We hope to see you again, Frank & Beate.

Wildlife and Otter Critters

Our 2022 season is now in full swing and we’ve had a variety of consistent wildlife sightings. There are a number of sea otters in our area, which means that we are able to find one or more otters on most days.
Thanks to our guest, David Clow, for letting me showcase his images of sea otters seen on our tour on May 30th.


Sea ottereating red sea urchin

Sea Otter Snacking on Red Sea Urchins

Sea otter mom carrying her pup on her stomach

Sea otter mom & pup