Welcome back my friends!

We’re so happy that the first few of our California sea lions have made it back to Ucluelet Inlet after chasing the sea lion ladies in California!

Hungry Humpback Whales

Today we found ourselves amongst humpback whales feeding on pilchards, sardine. We’ve never seen so many humpbacks feeding so close to shore in one area!  They lunge at the fish and come partly out of the water. They were lunging all around us – what a spectacle!

Steller sea lion

Thanks Deeann Simon for sharing this fabulous photo of a proud male Steller sea lion. What a pose!

A great day for whales!

Very rarely do we see all three in one trip but on today’s Broken Group Islands Wildlife Cruise we saw several humpback whales, one gray whale and three killer whales. Plus off course we saw both Steller and California sea lions, harbour seals, eagles and various seabird species. And did I mention that it was a beautiful sunny day?

Now open for the 2011 season

We’re open for the season!  It’s great to be on the water again.  Yesterday we saw a humpback whale, Steller sea lions, California sea lions, and harbour seals.   The area is full of Bald Eagles and migrating bird species.  We hope to see you out there this season!

Spring Maintenance


Spring is our time for boat maintenance and inspections.  Each year we wax and polish the hull and cabin, oil the wood and paint the decks amongst a myriad of other things.  We’re running a little behind schedule but  this year’s work is almost done and our 2011 season will soon start.


End of Season

We are now closed for the season.  2010 was a great year and we’d like to thank everyone who joined us on our adventures, especially those who come on a regular basis. We’ll be back in the spring and post highlights from our 2010 season.  Our tours will start May 1st 2011.