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The only one missing is you!!


Our Picturesque New Location

We love our new location at the Canadian Princess Lodge & Marina, located at 1943 Peninsula Rd. 

Lookin’ Mighty Fine!

DSC_0097The Raincoast Maiden going back in the water this week after getting her hull painted.

Nice and shiny

In an effort to keep up our boat we take on one or two “beautifying” projects each year. This year we decided to paint the house and cabin.  After many days of prep we finally got the first coat on and it looks great!  Two more coats and the job should be complete.     

Up in the Air

The annual haul out always means the start of a few days of high activity! On Tuesday the Raincoast Maiden was lifted out and the life raft taken in for inspection.  The fire suppression system was tested today, followed by another two inspections (radios and electrical circuits) early next week, all of this leading up to the grand finale: the Transport Canada Inspection.  This year we have not only our annual inspection to “worry” about but also an underwater inspection which is due only once every 4 years. If all goes well the boat will be floating again by next Thursday! 

Trip Advisor’s List of 10 Great Wildlife Tours

We are thrilled to have been included in Trip Advisor’s 2012 list of “10 Great Wildlife Tours” in the world.  Thanks to all our guests who have written in for your kind reviews.  Without your help this would not have been possible. We really appreciate it!

To see the complete list, please click this link:    Trp Advisor’s List of 10 Great Wildlife Tours in the World

Yet another tough day at the office

Last night’s evening charter.  Not only was it glorious evening for viewing the spectacular scenery in the evening light but we also saw whales, bears, sea lions, seals, eagles and various types of sea birds.

Blissful adventure on a blustery day!

The timing was perfect:  Yesterday’s winds and pelting rain subsided just long enough for a cruise down Ucluelet Inlet, out past the George Fraser Islands and back up the inlet with stops for wildlife along the way.  We anchored in a sheltered cove and ferried the guests ashore. The bride was lovely as she hitched her gown above her knees and waded to the beach.   A Steller’s Jay broke into wild applause as the ring went onto the finger.  Congratulations Nicole and Mike for tying the knot!  We are happy we could be part of your special day. 
(Photos by Michael Farrow – www.michaelfarrowphotography.com)