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Chillaxing ….

We’ve been lucky enough to see sea otters every day this season. We see mothers with their pups, single males, even groups of sea otters hanging out in the kelp. Seeing them is always a highlight!

sea otter lying in the kelp

Being a Sea Otter Mom Ain’t East

Being a sea otter mom isn’t easy. Mom has to feed herself and her pup, maintain their thick coats, she carries junior around on her belly and she also keeps a look out for any possible danger.

Sea otter mom with pup riding on belly Sea otter mom & pup sticking head out of water and looking straight at camera

Sea Otter Soup

Seeing sea otters in the wild is always a delight! Some sea otters are quite shy but this particular group doesn’t seem to mind us coming over for a visit.

Under The Watchful Eye of Sea Otters

This year we have been seeing sea otters almost every day.  Sometimes we wonder whether it is them who entertain us or vice versa!

Everyone has to give their feet a good cleaning once in a while – especially when they are this big!

Eagles and Sea Otters

We always see a multitude of Bald eagles, especially in the early part of our season, and this year we have also been seeing sea otters almost daily. Here some superb images taken by one of our guests, Patrick Marshall, who came out with us on July 31st





Still Open For Business!

We’re still open for business and the weather forecast for the next few days looks great! A glimpse of what to expect as seen through the lens of Gerry Fairbrother who came out with us on Sept. 23rd. Thanks, Gerry, for letting me share these – it was hard to pick only a few.

Feasting on Octopus

The sea otters have been keeping us well entertained this year. This big fellow got himself a feast, an entire octopus!

Frequent Sea Otter Sightings

This year we have been seeing sea otters increasingly often, almost daily.  Here is toda’s friendly sea otter!

Sea Otters in Barkley Sound

The good news is that over recent years we are seeing sea otters increasingly often.  This inquisitive sea otter was enjoying a mid morning snack!