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Lookin’ Mighty Fine!

DSC_0097The Raincoast Maiden going back in the water this week after getting her hull painted.

Fabulous scenery and wildlife!

We have had many beautiful days out on the water since our season started in early May.  Although we are not seeing as many whales as we do in other years by this time, the trips have been lovely.  There is always lots of wildlife to see and the colours are fantastic at this time of year.

End of 2013 season

We are now closed for the season. Thanks to all of you who joined us on a cruise this year and also to those of you you sent your guests our way – we really do appreciate it. We look forward to another year of adventures, starting in early May 2014!

Back where she belongs

What a relief!  The Raincoast Maiden is back in the water after 4 LONG WEEKS of sitting on blocks in a parking lot.  The reason for being out of the water for such an extended period is a repair that went “sideways” when a courier lost an essential part of machinery which then had to be manufactured!  So if you are the person who had an extra parcel delivered to you, enjoy the coupling to our port shaft as we no longer need it!

What are we up to?

Each spring our boat gets lifted out of the water and put in a parking lot.  It is our one chance a year to do work that is difficult or impossible to do while the boat is in the water.  This Easter weekend we made use of the warm, sunny weather to wax and polish the hull.  We even got a head start on this year’s summer tan!

Trip down Vancouver Island

After a few days of blustery conditions the sea finally calmed down enough for us to take the Raincoast Maiden down the West Coast of Vancouver Island to Sidney, near Victoria.  We got here two days ago and are excited to have started working on getting the boat ready for the upcoming season. The Raincoast Maiden may be a pretty lady but she does demand a fair dose of TLC to keep her looking good – which is exactly what we’ll be up to in the next few weeks!

Together Again!

After being torn apart and weeks of work, the starboard engine is back in one piece and looking prettier than ever with its brand new hoses and fresh coat of paint!  Best of all, it started right away.  It is a relief to know that Al did know what he was doing after all….