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Our Picturesque New Location

We love our new location at the Canadian Princess Lodge & Marina, located at 1943 Peninsula Rd. 

Getting the Raincoast Maiden shipshape!

Some days we do wish our boat was smaller. The hull seems HUGE at times like this when every square inch, above and below the water line, demands attention!

End of our 2017 Season

Our 2017 season is now well behind us. It is with some sadness that we left beautiful Barkley Sound about 2 weeks ago to take the Raincoast Maiden down the coast to Sidney where she is now safely tucked into a boat house. We will be working on her here, getting her ship shape for next year!

Leaving our anchorage in the Broken Group Islands at first light

Sunfish – Mola mola

A great day out on the water today! One bear, lots of sea lions and seals , several sea otters, two racoons foraging on the shore, lots of sea birds, then this sunfish (mola mola) came right to the boat right as we were watching two Gray whales! Thanks Vivianne Zheng for posting this great picture!

Orcas AND cake

Yesterday’s lucky guests were treated not only to a fabulous sighting of five Orcas but to also to delicious birthday cake!  

Thanks to Barbara Lee, a regular guest, who knew it was the captain’s birthday and ordered a birthday cake for all to enjoy at lunch time while at anchor.  The cake, shaped like the Raincoast Maiden sailing off into the sunset, was masterfully crafted by Zoe’s Bakery in Ucluelet. 

Lookin’ Mighty Fine!

DSC_0097The Raincoast Maiden going back in the water this week after getting her hull painted.

Fabulous scenery and wildlife!

We have had many beautiful days out on the water since our season started in early May.  Although we are not seeing as many whales as we do in other years by this time, the trips have been lovely.  There is always lots of wildlife to see and the colours are fantastic at this time of year.

Time for the Annual Face Lift

Our lovely old girl, theRaincoast Maiden, passed all 6 inspections with flying colours and went back into the water last Thursday.  Now we’re busy waxing, polishing, oiling, painting, scrubbing so that she will look her best by May when our season starts.

Up in the Air

The annual haul out always means the start of a few days of high activity! On Tuesday the Raincoast Maiden was lifted out and the life raft taken in for inspection.  The fire suppression system was tested today, followed by another two inspections (radios and electrical circuits) early next week, all of this leading up to the grand finale: the Transport Canada Inspection.  This year we have not only our annual inspection to “worry” about but also an underwater inspection which is due only once every 4 years. If all goes well the boat will be floating again by next Thursday! 

End of 2013 season

We are now closed for the season. Thanks to all of you who joined us on a cruise this year and also to those of you you sent your guests our way – we really do appreciate it. We look forward to another year of adventures, starting in early May 2014!