Not Alone

                         At least we’re not alone on our dock.  
This lovely, old California Sea Lion has taken to guarding our boat!

Tough Day at the Office

Always Different But Always Beautiful

The Broken Group Islands – many moods but always beautiful!

Home again

This lovely California Sea Lion seems rather pleased with himself, happy to be back in Ucluelet after his visit with the sea lion ladies in California. We’re certainly thrilled to have him back! 

Fabulous scenery and wildlife!

We have had many beautiful days out on the water since our season started in early May.  Although we are not seeing as many whales as we do in other years by this time, the trips have been lovely.  There is always lots of wildlife to see and the colours are fantastic at this time of year.

Open for the season!

We are now open for the 2014 season.  Join us to see the fabulous wildlife and scenery of Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands!

Home again!

After pampering the Raincoast Maiden for 3 months in a boat house in Sidney we made the trip up the coast this weekend. It was not the smoothest ride but we made it and are happy to be home in Ucluelet!  Our tours start beginning of May. 

Up in the Air

The annual haul out always means the start of a few days of high activity! On Tuesday the Raincoast Maiden was lifted out and the life raft taken in for inspection.  The fire suppression system was tested today, followed by another two inspections (radios and electrical circuits) early next week, all of this leading up to the grand finale: the Transport Canada Inspection.  This year we have not only our annual inspection to “worry” about but also an underwater inspection which is due only once every 4 years. If all goes well the boat will be floating again by next Thursday! 

Love Triangle on the high seas!

Ooh la la!!  On Monday the Gray whales were in rare form.  Two males,  jostling for position with a female.  It was fascinating to watch, something we had never seen since Gray whales usually mate in the fall once they reach their wintering grounds in Mexico.  Apparently these three could not wait!  

Now there’s a happy smile!!

Orcas (Killer whales)

We don’t see Orcas (Killer whales) very often but this July started off with a bang.  Two days ago we came across a pod of Orcas who entertained us with their active behaviour – breaching, lob tailing, spy hopping.

Today we didn’t even have to leave the dock to see them.  As our guests were boarding three Orcas swam right past our boat!!